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Okay- This question is rather silly I know, but I'm a huge fan of contest in Pokemon games - Be it the Unova Musicals, Hoenn Contests, Super Contests - You name it. This time, I'm trying to dominate the Hoenn contests (NOT the Contests Spectacular of ORAS btw).

My Milotic has won the Super Ribbon in Beauty category and I'm planning to use her for my next beauty contests. Here are also some Pokemon I plan on using on each category:

Minun or Luvdisc - Cute
Kirlia or Seviper - Smart
Mightyena or Aggron - Cool
Bagon or Salamence - Tough
Milotic - Beauty

I've heard several things like move combos and such to get higher attention - but I can never utilize those well. Any tips regarding moves, natures and combos for the contests? I can make Pokeblocks already and know which berries to choose, but I'm never the best with the other things. Any sort of help is really appreciated!

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Stats that natures boost go with the type of pokeblock they like (and dislike for the stat it decreases). You can see a list of the natures and type of pokeblock they like here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Flavor
Make sure your Pokemon has the right nature for the contest

If you are playing Pokémon emerald there is a chance each day that the berry master will be in the contest hall to mix berries in the blender. This will be advertised on any TV in Lilycove. Always mix with him if you can because he uses rare and high quality berries that make good pokeblocks.

Also check the man in the easternmost house of Pacifidlog town for mirage island each day. If he says he sees it then surf right until you get there, and there is a liechi berry tree with 1 liechi berry on it. This is the best berry for blending pokeblocks and the only one in the game. It will always make gold pokeblocks.

Milotic is the best Pokémon for beauty contests and since you have one it must be max beauty already. I've won the cool contest with Aggron before. If your Pokemon have the right nature for the contest you want them in, feed them the pokeblock that ups that condition until the sheen is maxed out so they cannot eat any more pokeblocks. once you have done that go to the Pokemon club in slateport and talk to the chairman with the maxed Pokemon in the front of the party. He will notice it looks good and give you a coloured scarf. The colour you get depends on what category you maxed. There is a scarf for each category. Give your Pokemon the right scarf as a held item before entering the contest because it makes it look better, so you do better in the contest.

As for the moves to use for the contest, you should know that even if you are in say a cool contest and you use a smart move that would normally raise the crowd in a smart contest, instead it will decrease the crowd by one (but not below 0) and your Pokemon will still gain hearts but just not the extra one from the crowd. This is useful for decreasing the crowd so you can get the 5 bar extra hearts next round or so that your opponent does not get it. For the 3 other move slots, make sure you have either a move that disrupts the other Pokemon or a move that gets you extra when you are first to appeal because those get you lots or hearts to win easily. The other 2 moves can be ones that go in a combination. Here is a chart of the combination moves: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Contest_combination

Hope this helps.

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