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If not 3DS, will it come on Switch?

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Just wait 2-4 years and then answer this question yourself.

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RSE probably will never come to the Eshop like RBY and GSC. Here's a reason why: I think Game Freak made the Virtual Consoles for gen1 and gen2 because those generations got cut off when RSE came out on the Gameboy advanced which couldn't connect with the Gameboy or the Gameboy color. Because of that cut, Pokémon from gen1 and gen2 couldn't be transferred (Pokémon from the gen1 and 2 VC can be transferred via Poké Transporter, via Pokémon Bank. Before you were forced to leave your Pokémon behind on your RBY or GSC cartridges forever). But when DP came out on the DS, Pokémon from RSE could be transferred to gen4 because of the GBA slot on the DS. Therefore there is no need for a VC, there is also no need for a VC of RSE because of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I don't know about the Switch though, but it's probably not gonna go to the Switch. I hope I helped!
@MoonlitMadness, If there's anything you want to know or anything you want me to clearify, comment on my answer.

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