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I already have shadow ball and sand attack for now, but what are two fire type moves that are fairly easy to get?

What game?
its ss

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Fire Fang is the best and only viable physical Fire move outside of Gen V, which sees Flareon learn Flame Charge (which is a better move; higher accuracy and added speed boost).

Facade, Return, Headbutt, Super Power are good non-Fire moves for Flareon, and maybe Bite for some type coverage.

If this is in-game and not competitive, I suggest Flamethrower. Flareon has a base 95 Sp. Atk, which is not shabby.

If you really want another Fire move, go for either Fire Fang + Flamethrower, or (if this is in-game) Flamethrower + Lava Plume. All things considered, Flareon only really needs one Fire move.

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I edited the answer after you had specified the game.
Give it Fire Fang which it learns at lvl 43 and if you want one more,then give it lava plume or flamethrower.Then you can give it a physical move set since it has higher attack stat.
Fire fang/Flamethrower(if you want more power)
Bite(for coverage)/Quick attack(for priority)
Hope I helped.

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Fire Spin? Seriously?
I suggested fire spin because he asked for moves which it learned at around level 30 and he learns Fire fang at only level 43 outside of gen 5.He didn't say which gen he is playing so I didn't know whether to include gen 5 move tutor moves.
Just so you know I have completed the game SS and I can go anywhere to get moves.
Oh,you should have included it in the question.Anyways,I edited the answer.