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I’m making a team with Registeel in it (Showdown), but I’m afraid of all the fire-type moves my friends will use against it. Is there any item I can put on it to protect it from (Super-Efective) Fire-Type moves?

What format are you playing? I know Occa berries worked in generations 4 to 7, but I don't know about Generation 8.
I'd be more worried about all the Earthquakes coming your way. It might be helpful to know your team build and if extra fire protection in particular is even necessary. Is this a Registeel build which requires it to stay in to be effective rather than switch? There's always the option of having teammates that resist its weaknesses.
To the people who answered
Yes I have considered Occa Berries, but I was wondering if there was anything better

To protect from earthquakes I have Magnet Rise on My Registeel, and seeing as it’s a defensive beast I think it could survive at least one, but still thanks for answering!
Its defensive base stats are equal, and vary depending on what you train them in. Magnet Rise is a little bit of a waste of a moveslot in my opinion.

I don't think you need extra fire protection. If you specifically devote yourself to weather particular threats with Registeel, it defeats its all around usefulness. I know this thing isn't what you want to hear, but I hope I helped anyway.
You still haven't told us the format...
I don’t know yet, but I think UU

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Occa berries are the only items that weaken fire attacks more than other types.
I think mega Aggron is better than Occa berry Registeel. Mega Aggron has better physical stats and can learn fire punch, and its ability weakens fire attacks.