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I'm stuck on which one to pick. I would like one not too late-game, if possible.

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The best ground Pokemon is almost definitely Swampert. It can become ground type and learn mud shot at level 16, which is easy to reach before the second gym. Before the sixth gym, you can get the Swampertite and raise Swampert's base physical attack to 150. Only 2 ground Pokemon (primal Groudon and mega Garchomp) have a higher base attack stat, and neither are obtainable nearly as early as Mudkip. This is the moveset that I would recommend.
Swampert @ Swampertitie
EVs: 100 Spe
- earthquake
- waterfall
- stone edge
- ice beam/hammer arm

If you don't want to use Swampert for whatever reason (such as the fact that grass starters are always the best), then I'm pretty sure the next best ground Pokemon is Camerupt. Fire ground is a good offensive type combination, and Numel can learn powerful moves like lava plume, earth power, and overheat pretty early.
Camerupt @ expert belt
EVs: 100 SpA
- overheat/flamethrower
- earthquake/earth power
- stone edge
- yawn/eruption

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This is a good answer. My Swampert gets overleveled every time I play through the game, and it’s not through grinding, it’s because it can literally beat everything
And what about a lot of water types in hoenn?
Most regular trainers are too dumb to spam water attacks even against Camerupt. Camerupt probably isn't so helpful against Wallace, though.
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I'd say, pick flygon.
It's available through mid game with flygon's base form trapinch found after 4th badge.

Flygon :
Flygon @ soft sand (anything else that helps, doesn't matter)
-Earthquake , Obvious STAB
-Dragon Claw/outrage , STAB preferably dragon claw.
-Stone Edge ,coverage
-U-Turn/Roost (filler)

You probably want for beating Flannery.
I'm sorry but you have to manage with something else.

Hope I helped!

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Trapinch can be found after the fourth gym, which is lavaridge. And Flygon is better. Don't ever use Camerupt in oras. It's slow and Hoenn has no shortage of water types
Oh sorry. Thanks I'll edit.
You can't get Trapinch before Flannery. You need to beat her so Brendan will give you the thing that allows you to pass thru the desert. Shudn't be a big deal since Hoenn has a ton of waters as I mentioned, both literally and in pokemon
Okay oof I misunderstood.
Trapinch's and Vibrava's stats are pretty bad. Even after reaching level 45 and evolving into Flygon, its stats are still not much above average. Dragon is also a bad type because it's super effective only against itself.