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Since Pokemaster said I am allowed to do these, it isn't against the rules. Base your answers on stats, dual or non-dual typing, moves able to be learned, and ability (no personnal opinion please.)

Please explain each of these with plenty of detail. Anybody who doesn't do one of these things, I ask all site members to vote them down. I will choose the Best Answer not on what I think is the best and someone agrees with me, but with if the answer is the most convincing.

For an example answer (not for Ground types, just for how I would want the answers, although you can add more detail or use a different layout if you want) go to: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/8764/pokemaster-can-i-ask-these-questions

Also, no legendaries please and also, please give a definite answer, no multiple Pokemon. Also, if you agree with the person but want to add more info, vote that person up and then comment on their answer with the added info.

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OT comment but just posting here so you guys see it: I'm gonna go on wi-fi with my platinum right now if anyone want to battle :)
1. Claydol
Very Close 2. Swampert
Also very close 3. Mamoswine

All were great responses! Claydol got first for the well done versatility. Swampert at close second with the fact that it will not be affected by its one weakness or lower speed. Mamoswine came in third with high stats.
Excadrill is also a good Ground type! Don't forget about him!

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I see I got a special request to answer this! :P

Now, the basic idea of any Ground-type is pure bulk and Physical Tanking (Even more so than Rock and Steel-types, nowadays). With access to powerful attacks, the ever-so-common Earthquake, and several moves that lower accuracy, the ground-type is also all about getting the upper hand against your opponent (In this sense, the Ground-type is the Physically-based counterpart to the Psychic-type, which explains Claydol's general versatility).

Anyway, enough with all of this Type Theory, let's get down to the question!

A definite option to consider for a Ground-type is Sandslash. With Base 100+ in both Attack and Defense, it makes a good Physical Tank (Not to mention that the pure Ground typing keeps it form inheriting any extra weaknesses). Sandslash can naturally utilize the Defense Curl / Rollout combo, which works wonders on it. It can also use Slash and Night Slash, for great High Critical Hit-Ratio attacks. Finally, the Rapid Spin support it provides is a real lifesaver in UU.

The Nido-Twins are pretty good too. Their incredibly wide movepools make up for their average stats. Plus, their typing isn't too bad either! The resistances they have also wonderfully compliment the ability to Tank.

For an offensive, Glass Cannon-style force, definitely choose Club-equipped Marowak over anything (even Garchomp!). Like the Light Ball on Pikachu, Marowak's Attack stat is doubled when it holds the Thick Club. This results in an enormous base 160 Attack stat! Pair that with STAB Earthquake, Stone Edge, Outrage (NO JOKE :D), and Fire Punch, and you've got one of the deadliest Physical Sweepers in the whole game, believe it or not. It's only problem is its low Speed, so get paralysis on the opponent first, or get some Baton Pass support in order to sweep cleanly.

Of course, nobody can forget Steelix! It's weaknesses drag it down a bit, but Base 200 Defense, and STAB Gyro Ball with base 30 Speed is just way too good to pass up!

You think I'd forget about Claydol? ;)
Claydol has low Attacking Stats, but with access to both a STAB Earthquake AND a STAB Psychic, is something to boast about. It can basically do whatever you need it to do! It can sweep, it can stall, it can annoy, it can set up Dual Screens, it can give Rapid Spin support, along with setting up its own hazards, and it can even be an Anti-Lead or a Suicide Lead. It's also got a pretty big movepool, so kudos to Claydol!

Whiscash is great too, and you can check my Blog for a good explanation as to why he's go great:

Flygon has Levitate, which is a good plus over Garchomp. It also has access to Fly, without being scared of Thunder, a slick, cool look (I, for one, think Garchomp looks like a total tool xD), and it has access to Bug Bite, which can throw off certain strategies played out by the opponent. Yep, Flygon's a great fly to stick in your opponent's soup!

The rest of the choices, like Swampert, Hippodon, Torterra, Gliscor, and Garchomp, are all obvious as to why you'd use them, but I figured I'd shed some light on the more underrated choices. These choices are all as viable as Garchomp, Hippodon, Gliscor, and Torterra, and NONE of these have a x4 weakness. =)

I agree on you with  Claydol but he also has 7 weaknesses which gives your opponent plenty  of options on which pokemon they can use against claydol
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Bet You Cant Geuss My Answer!! Garchomp and Swampert Are About Equal, not including legendaries, with Torterra Close Behind. I Will Call Swampert Better, Though, As His Ground Typing and him has saved my team too many times.

Swampert Because of His Earthquake, and its unlimited power. He also learns some pretty good special Attack ground moves. He can Easily cover his 1 weakness and has great stats. He even Has Good Defenses and attack! He Can Have Amazing Movesets! The Best Starter, statwise, with only 1 Low Stat, his Speed, Which can Be easily trained to be high. His Ground Type, gets rid of His Weaknesses To His Water Type, And Counterwise, His Water Type Gets rid of most of his Ground Types Weaknesses. Thats Why, As A Balanced, and Powerful Pokemon, Swampert Can Be Unstoppable.

Ground is my 3rd Favorite Type as Ground Types are unstoppable!

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This is the perfect chance to give an example of the comments I want. Swampert might have low Speed, however, this allows it to have two powerful moves become a great advantage. Hammer Arms Speed lowering recoil won't be too bad with low Speed to begin with, it's not as if you're crippling a Sweeper. Avalanche is also great, especially with Hammer Arm, also defeating Grass types. So as can be seen, low Speed is actually beneficial to Swampert.
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Might as well put in my choice, I won't choose myself as best answer however.


Ability: With Evasion raised in a Sandstorm, Garchomp can survive to destroy more foes or just set up Swords Dance. This is a great ability when paired with Tyranitar.

Stats: With above average HP (base 108), good atack (base 130)made even better by Swords Dance, good Speed (base 102), and decent defene (base 95) not to mention not too bad Sp. Attack and Sp. Def, Garchomp is awesome with a base total of 600.

Typing: Even with that x4 Ice Weakness, Garchomp is still great. Dragon types are no problem to it either with first strike. Also has resistance to Fire, Poison, and Rock.

Moves: STAB Earthquake, STAB Dragon Claw, Swords Dance to make Garchomp have incredible Attack, Substitute to help allow for Swords Dance, Stone Edge deals with Ice types, so does Fire Fang, STAB Outrage, Crunch is always good, Draco Meteor and Dragon Pulse for higher Sp.Attack, Flamethrower and Fire Blast for higher Sp Attack, Surf is good when having higher Sp. Attack, Roar is nice, Stealth Rock is always popular, Shadow Claw is a nice option, and Rock Slide is another good move that deals with Ice types.

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Groudon is technically the best with total base stat of 670. Garchomp would be the best non-legendary.

My choice would be Mamoswine. Huge attack, a good HP stat makes up for a slightly lower defense. The other pokemon in the same range have a 4x weakness - Garchomp, Swampert, Torterra, Rhyperior.

Probably not the best movepool but has all the options you need like Earthquake, Stone Edge, Superpower, Avalanche, Ice Fang, etc.

1 4x weakness does NOT MAKE A Pokemon Weak!
Yeah, as long as the Pokemon is able to overcome that weakness. Swampert easily can, like almost all Water types can overcome their common Grass weakness. However, that is not to say that that x4 weakness is a good thing. However Swampert has no other weaknesses.
Nobody on this site likes Swampert, torterra, Or Charizard because of their 4 times weaknesses except me,trachy, and dt, and im getting sick of it
Ha, I knew Swampert would say something about that ;) To be fair I only have like one grass move on my whole team I think so Swampert would be pretty safe. And I use some pokemon with 4x weaknesses like Tyranitar.

Also, my main choice was Mamoswine, I just mentioned the other two in passing.
Stupid Stealth Rock for Charizard. He's still always on my team, especially among my club. I am in a Pokemon club, we meet once a week to battle and trade. There are some rules among us, no legendaries unless otherwise specified, no switching unless through a move like U-turn, Roar, Baton Pass, etc, and no entry hazards. I am the best among all eight of the members.