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When you think about it, a lot of bugs dig through the ground, thus making holes in it, and end up eating the dirt.

Plus, why isn't Flying good against Ground either? Airborne attacks can easily hit ground dwellers.

It makes no sense to me.

Game freak logic.

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Why isn't Bug supereffective against Ground?
This was most likely done for balancing. Ground already has three weaknesses, to Grass, Water and Ice. And well, a single bug isn't going to do much to a giant piece of earth.

Why aren't Flying attacks supereffective against Ground?
Again, probably balancing. If you think about it, a bird can't really hurt a piece of earth. What's it going to do? That's my take on it.

And of course, Gamefreak logic.

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Ground is immune to electric and beats electric..
Crap I forgot about that, thanks