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So the whole battle started out as a joke because both our Pokémon are level 100, 6IV (I got my Kakuna from breeding his Weedle). So, both our Pokémon were forgotten to evolve and Kakuna only really knows harden. The game is S/M. I’m thinking of stalling his Weedle until it kills itself but is there a strategy I can use to win? Especially if there needed to be items involved?

(Also for more information my Kakuna is nicknamed Ben and his Weedle is named Bag Of I think).

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Because Electroweb is the strongest move Kakuna can use against Weedle. (Considering your Kakuna knows only harden, PP staling Weedle is impossible since Weedle has more PP.)
What this is possible in USUM? How?
Move Tutor in UsUm can teach Kakuna how to use Electroweb.
I'm REALLY angry you got it up to level 100 and did not evolve it to Beedrill. Here I have spent days breeding 5IV Pokemon, and when you get a 6IV competitive Pokemon, you do not evolve it. Aight imma jump off a cliff.
I only did it because almost all my Pokémon are 5/6IV (from one of my many 6IV Ditto).

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Unless Kakuna knows an attack move or holds a damaging held item, this battle will drag out for a really long time and will only result in a Pokémon dealing damage if Weedle uses an attack move on Kakuna or either Pokémon uses Struggle.

For your strategy: I'd recommend giving Kakuna a Rocky Helmet and teaching it an attack move (a quick look at its gen 7 Sun/Moon learnset page reveals that the move relearner is the only way it could possibly learn an attack move barring a hack in Sun and Moon).

Weedle's attack moves are all physical, so a Rocky Helmet will slowly deplete HP every turn it attacks. If you're lucky enough for Kakuna to have a move available via the relearner, this will help a lot.

Also, like CoolMan said, accessing Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon to teach Kakuna Electroweb would greatly boost your offensive capability. Keep in mind that Weedle may also take advantage of Electroweb, which is a special move and therefore won't be affected by a Rocky Helmet.

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Weedle has more String Shot PP than Kakuna has Harden PP. Kakuna has to be taught an attack or Weedle will PP stall it to death.
I have enough PP for the both of them
It is unlikely Rocky Helmet will do anything when 2 of Weedle's 3 attacking moves don't make contact, and it'll probably just spam Electroweb anyways. Black Sludge would probably be the best item for Kakuna, unless if you want to specs Electroweb. :P