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Sniper is Beedrill's Hidden Ability. You can get Kakuna in the Friend Safari, but Kakuna itself doesn't actually have a Hidden Ability. So if you catch a bunch of Kakuna and evolve them, is there a chance some of the Beedrill might have their hidden ability?


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According to this, when a Pokemon with a HA evolves into one without one, the third evolution is stuck with a normal ability. For example...

Say you have a Run Away Weedle. When it evolves into Kakuna, it loses its Hidden Ability and now has its normal ability, Shed Skin. When it evolves into Beedrill it will have Swarm instead of Sniper. The only way to get a Sniper Beedrill is from the Hidden Grotto in Black and White.

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Really? That sucks. I thought it might have been  hidden number or something, meaning that the third stage would have their Hidden Ability if the first stage did. It also means you can't breed for good nature/IVs. Thanks anyway.
you can
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Actually, you can!

When you catch the Kakuna in the Friend Safari, put it into the daycare. Some Weedle will hatch with Run Away, the hidden ability. Evolve it into Kakuna, and again in to Beedrill and it'll have Sniper.

I just did this now while EV training my HA Weedle.

No it is not
This method actually works. But it requires a bit of work and some luck. I caught about 10 pairs of Kakunas from my Friend Safari in XY and tried breeding them. Halfway through I found some of my Weedles having Hidden Abilities (HA). If you just want a Beedrill with its HA,  try catching some Kakunas from your Friend Safari and level them each by 1 level so that it will evolve into a Beedrill and check if they have their HA. Alternatively, you may also evolve all your Kakunas into Beedrills and start breeding with Beedrills (after confirming that that Beedrill has its HA) instead of Kakunas.
ye of little faith! try it. I have runaway weedle and anticipation ferrothorn
people it work another person said why in another question