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Yes, I know there's been a question about Sniper Beedrill in the FS, but I wanted more clarification as I didn't quite understand it. Would I be able to catch a Kakuna in the FS and keep evolving them until one Beedrill has Sniper? Is there some secret "Hidden Ability variable" for the Pokemon that have no hidden ability?


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Actually, you are right, and that answer is wrong. EVERY Pokemon technically has 2 normal abilities and a hidden ability, it's just that Pokemon with only one visible ability actually have the same ability, 3 times. In the case of Kakuna, all 3 abilities are Shed Skin. In a similar way, ferroseed has Iron Barbs in all 3 slots. I know this because I had (I released it) beedrill with sniper, and I have Weedle with Runaway. I also have ferrothorn with Anticipation. These are not hacked, this works. Keep catching and evolving Kakuna from the FS, you will get beedrill with sniper eventually

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I don't know why you're getting down votes, man! I'll test this this weekend to see if it works once and for all.
Hmm actually I've been doing some digging and found a few GameFAQs threads where people are talking about how they had Iron Barbs Ferroseed evolve into Anticipation Ferrothorn. They got the Ferroseed from a Friend Safari, so even though it only has 1 ability, it had the hidden chance of having its HA when it evolved.

My info is outdated; that's how it was in Gen V, I believe, but I suppose GF changed it in Gen VI. It's pretty annoying though, because you never know if the evolution is gonna have its HA or not if it's something like Ferroseed. :I However, with Weedle > Kakuna > Beedrill, you should get Sniper Beedrill as long as you have Run Away Weedle.

Here are some sources:

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Welp, you learn something new everyday.
There's three abilties: Ability 1, Ability 2, and Ability 3
Depending on the Pokémon's  ID (this is for IVs too, but that is irrelevant to abilities)
What ability your Kakuna will get when it evolves depends on which ability number it has. For example, if Kakuna's ability number was 3,  when it evolves Beedrill will have it's third ability.
Out of Kakuna's three abilities:
1 – Shed Skin
2 – Shed Skin
3 – Shed Skin
It always gets the abilty Shed Skin.
When it evolves, its ability number stays as Ability 3 (as long as you don't use an Ability Capsule), and the resulting Beedrill will have its third ability.
I edited this to make it more readable and understandable. Please don't "be lazy" and write stuff like "he skin" instead of "Shed Skin". Take the time to make your suggestion look nice.