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I'm playing through Let's Go Eevee a second time, and I have a Level 8 Beedril I caught in Viridian Forest lol. I want to know whether it is better to have Twin Needle or Pin Missile. They're both STAB, and Twin Needle has a nice poison chance. Pin Missile is 95% Accuracy, but can hit 2-5 times. What should I go for when Beedril tries to learn Pin Missile at Lvl 28?

p.s. I caught it and it had Twin Needle already despite the fact is evolves at level 10... :)

Any answers will be appreciated, thanks! :D


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Neither. You want X-Scissor, which can be obtained on Route 12 after getting Sea Skim. It's more powerful, reliable Bug STAB. Until then, Pin Missile is probably better, because it can hit more times than Twineedle -- the latter's chance to poison isn't really a benefit in-game when you can just kill an opponent a turn earlier instead.

Hope I helped!

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thanks, I forgot about X-Scissor  :)
You're welcome.