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I recently bought Pokemon Blue. And I caught a Beedrill but I noticed something wrong with it. My Beedrill is weak to Fighting, Bug, Poison, Fire, and Psychic. I also noticed when I used Focus Energy it cut my Crit Rate. What is wrong with my Beedrill and please answer quickly.

Your Beedrill should be weak to Psychic. As for the others, it may seem as though Beedrill is weak to them before a of the dual type damage misinformation glitch ( https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_in_Generation_I#Dual-type_damage_misinformation )
Also, in Gen 1, Focus Energy works incorrectly. It divides the user's critical hit ratio by four, instead of multiplying.
In Generation 1, bug was weak to fire, flying, rock, and poison (which is neutralized by the poison type, but displays incorrectly due to the glitch), while poison was weak to psychic, bug, and ground (which is neutralized by the bug type). However, I can't explain why it's weak to fighting.
@ Mega_Sceptile that should be an answer

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I can't help you with the type weaknesses, but I can help you with the Focus Energy thing. In Gen 1, there was a glitch so that whenever Focus Energy was used, it would divide the Crit Rate by 4 instead of multiplying the Crit Rate by 4.

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