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I’m currently playing Pokémon gold and I have a lvl 20 beedril which learns twineele. For the final moveset should I stay with twineedle or switch it with pin missle?

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Is this for an in-game team?
Yes,it is

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Let's compare them.

50 Base power(25 each)
Can Poison Steel and Poison types..
Has 100% accuracy

Pin missile
14 Base power each(possibly 70 if all 5 hit)
No additional effects
Has 85% accuracy

Twineedle is far better, the only time Pin missile is superior is if it manages to hit 4/5 times, which is very unlikely.
Twineedle also has a 20% chance to poison the target each hit and as a bonus can even poison Steel and poison types.
Not to mention it's 100% accurate, unlike Pin missiles 85%

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