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Do you want to use this Donphan or Steelix for battling other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
for my in-game playthrough to beat lance
Why are you not using Graveler, Nidoqueen, or Nidoking?
If you're really sure you want to use Donphan or Steelix for some weird reason, then I think Donphan is better, because getting a metal coat and evolving Steelix before Lance is very boring.
That doesn't make donphan better than steelix
That depends on your specific definition of "better". I recommend using Donphan because I think using Donphan is more fun than trying to get a metal coat before Lance.
Unless the asker specified, "better" does not mean "easier"

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unless you have a 2nd system and a 2nd game, or a friend with the game, you would have to get Donphan, if you do, I would have to say Donphan because I think it has a better stat layout, the only thing Steelix really has going for it it's super high defense. Donphan packs a much harder punch and is faster

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