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I don't really know how friend codes work for the friend safari. I know that you need to be friends with someone for it to work, and the Pokemon and Pokemon type depend on their friend code. I have a lot of friends (22 I think), but only 2 of them had ground Pokemon, and neither of them had Diggersby in it :(

Later on I found out there are a slew of websites dedicated to trading friend codes for the friend safari, and I found a guy who had the ground type with Diggersby. He displayed his name and friend code, so I added him on my 3DS friend list. At first I thought it would be all good and dandy, that I'd have my own huge power Diggersby in no time, but sadly he didn't appear on my friends list in Pokemon Y, or the safari zone.

Am I doing something wrong? 'cause I REALLY want that Diggersby tho.

I think he should also add you. But I am not sure, though. Make sure you typed his code correctly.
Yeah, make sure he adds you back, and you also have to be online at the same time for getting diggersby
Diggersby tho? o3o

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For you to get someone's Friend Safari it needs to go both ways not just one. So you need to have his/her FC registered and he/she needs to have your FC registered.

Source: personal experience and my message on the FC exchange

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