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Self-explanatory, but please no DLC or trade evo Pokemon

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I think it's Excadrill.
Could work
Mamoswine and Flygon are strong for the mid-to-late game, but Excadrill is probably best because it contributes meaningfully before it evolves. Runerigus and Rhyperior are fine if you're okay with slowness and don't mind their evolution methods.
Sword/Shield is a tough game to assess because of its rolling encounter tables, TR cycle that varies by player, and the sheer number of Pokemon available at very early stages of the playthrough.
Excadrill is probably also better for late game because it has higher physical attack (and higher speed than Mamoswine) and learns swords dance.
I find Runerigus to be easy to evolve but I don't have access to trades.

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I think Excadrill is the best ground Pokemon in this game (if you don't use DLC). You can catch a Drilbur at a high level. Excadrill has amazing physical attack and can outspeed most opponents, and it learns swords dance. A few Pokemon resist both ground and steel.

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