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Moves like Earthquake, Magnitude, Bulldoze, etc. won't hit a Flying-type as it could be a quake in the ground and they will fly away. However, why will Hidden Power Ground will hit them and cause no damage? I am sure that all HP types are umm... not a quake, shake, etc. Is it Gamefreak logic?

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Game Freak didn't make Flying Pokemon immune to specific moves, they made it immune to the entire type. Take for instance the move Bone Club: it seems like it should be able to hit a Flying type, yet they are immune to that move.

It would probably be a bit too confusing if Game Freak opted to make Pokemon immune to specific moves, rather than overarching types of moves, hence why Hidden Power [Ground] does not affect Flying types.

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Some types are immune to specific moves, like how flying is immune to sky drop.
i mean 1000 arrows and sand attack hits flying types but w/e