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Ex Dusclops uses gravity. (lets say we're in a trick room so it most likely goes first, k? Also in doubles)
Gliscor uses earth quak on a flying type

How much damage would it do? Normal amount as in no reis?


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With the Gravity effect in play, Flying types are vulnerable to ground type attacks, and will be neutrally effective when hit by a ground-type attack.

For example, if Talonflame gets caught in Gravity, a ground-type attack will be super-effective against it (neutral to flying-typing, but 2x as effective against its fire-typing). Vice verse, if a Pokemon like Jumpluff gets caught in Gravity, a ground-type attack will be not very effective against it (neutral to flying-typing, but 0.5x as effective against its grass-typing).

So, flying types who double with a Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, or Steel typing will have ground super-effective against them. Flying types who double with Grass or Bug typing will have ground not very effective against them. All other flying-typing will receive neutral damage.

Source + Experience

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If Gravity is in effect, this Pokémon is given an Iron Ball or a Ring Target, or it is affected by Smack Down or Ingrain, the effectiveness of Ground-type moves is 1×.

Source: Here, along with the Bulbapedia page of any other Flying type Pokemon or Pokemon with Levitate.