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Im building a team in Pokemon Showdown to hopefully build in Sword. I feel like all I need now is a wall Pokemon to resist fire and rock, since most of my team is weak to fire, and my core Pokemon is weak to rock and my only rock resist is 4x weak to fighting, so I'm worried that it could easily lose to superpower t-tar. Any ideas on a good rock/fire resist 'mon?

(If your wondering, my core Pokemon is Galarian Darmanitan. The other Pokemon mentioned here is my rock resist, which is Bisharp)

I'm not sure why seismitoad over gastrodon, but why is seismitoad OU and gastrodon is not?
I think it's because toxic and stealth rock are more useful in singles, and storm drain is more useful in doubles. OU is a singles format.
Seismitoad gets water absorb, a better ability for a defensive Pokemon.
Storm drain protects allies from water attacks. Water absorb provides no team support.
I didn't know that sumwun. Guess Gastrodon is more useful.

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Gastrodon. It gets access to Storm Drain and Recover, which makes it good against fire, rock, and Dracovish. A moveset could look like this.

Gastrodon @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Storm Drain
Nature: Calm
EVs: 212 HP/148 Defense/8 Special Attack/140 Special Defense
Earth Power
Ice Beam

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Rindo is way better than sitrus on most sets. Also Scald 100% over ice beam.