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Putting my team together to grind out BP in the Battle Tree for Trade Evo items and Mega Stones. Have a bit of a wild card slot left over, and I'm discovering that I have a pretty obvious weakness to Fire.

https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/#decidueye vikavolt toxapex clefable metagross

I'm trying to decide how to best cover that weakness. Part of doing that is knowing what the threats are, and their common solutions.

I've kind of narrowed down to likely candidates of Milotic, Kingdra, Krookodile, Flygon, and Garchomp.


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Salazzle- Very easily countered with a ground type move

Oricorio Baile form- Low defenses, easily countered with super-effective moves like rock, water, and electric

Turtonator- High defense, use special super-effective moves like dragon pulse and earth power

Torkoal- Don't use water type moves, most have drought. Special ground and rock type moves work.

Talonflame- Easily countered by rock type moves.

Magmortar- Counter with high special defense Pokemon and super effective moves.

These are the main threats. I think that you should choose FLYGON because it can counter all Pokemon, except maybe turtonator. You should run a mixed set on it:

[email protected] you want
Mild nature

-Dragon Claw
-Earth power
-Stone edge

Hope I helped!

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Good points! I'd recommend Garchomp over Flygon. It's faster and stronger, and is equally as cool. The Z Ground move should be enough to break through Torkoal and Turtonator's defences, and at best it will bring them into Dragon Claw KO range.

[email protected] Groundium Z/Life Orb/Garchompite
Jolly/Adamant/Naive Nature
4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Spe
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge/Rock Slide
- Flamethrower/Fire Fang/Draco Meteor

Flygon does have some benefits, like access to Roos tand U-Turn, and of course style points, but Garchomp will probably be more useful.
Its just that Flygon gets earth power, for turtonator and other high defense pokemon.