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I have a Mega Gallade that I trained for single battles in The Battle Tree, But I dont know what Pokemon I have that can help Him claim victory in battles.

My Mega Gallade Moveset is
Swords Dance
Shadow Sneek
Close Combat
Psycho Cut
I need to get my Power in check, than help my power grow so I can become better at Pokemon. Plese help me complete my dream.

So are you going to get a Medicham?
I A shiny medicham in my Pokemon Moon already, but i dont have the mega stone for him
Mantine surf makes it easy to get BP. It should take you 3-4 good runs to get 48 BP
I know, but this is Pokemon Moon, not Ultra Moon. but i just want to focus on Mega Gallade right now...
oh ok. Nevermind then.

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I can't prove that Porygon2 is the best possible teammate, but I think it's good. Porygon2 can use ice beam to cover flying and build ice bridges and shadow ball to cover ghost, both of which often wall Gallade. Gallade checks some of the fighting opponents that can break Porygon2 and steel opponents that are immune to toxic.

A Pokemon that you should seriously consider using over Gallade is Metagross. (I made sure it was obtainable in Moon) Metagross has a much better ability and defensive typing, as well as better physical defense. It learns psychic and fighting attacks like Gallade does, but it can additionally learn meteor mash to cover fairy.

thank you sumwun. hey want to battle sometime?