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A Pokemon "battle style" is another word that discribes a Pokemon play style, or how a team functions in battle. Examples of these are as follows:
1) Hyper Offenese
2) Balanced
3) Weather
4) Stall
5) Volt-Turn
6) Trick Room etc

I'm sure you understand the gist of things, now judging from Mega Gallades stats and movesets, which play style do you believe is best suited for it?

So far I'm stuck between Hyper Offense and Balance...Help me...


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Hyper Offense > Balanced

I think Hyper Offense would definitely be a much better choice for Mega Gallade than Balanced.

Mega Gallade excels in stats such as Attack and Speed, and has great defenses to go hand-in-hand with in. I don't really see the importance for him being a balanced fighter.

There are plenty of attacking moves to give this Pokemon, with great amounts of STAB as well.

I actually would've chosen him being a Balanced fighter if his stats were a little more compact (more average) rather them having him excel in some categories that give him potential to be a Hyper Offense fighter. For example, a great Balanced fighter would be more so of Mythical Pokemon like Arceus, Shaymin, or even Manaphy. Their stats has a lot to say about their choice of fighting - not only their moves.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)