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My question is about building a team of three for the Super Single battles at the Battle Tree with a water/rock type as the main choice. I always wanted to build a team with a rock/water type so I could use it whenever I want. I got all the Pokemon except for 8 event Pokemon so I got resources to make any kind of team I want. I need help choosing two teammates to cover the weaknesses of Barbaracle without any of the team members sharing a weakness.
Example: Nidoking, Scizor, and Mantine. Each member of this team doesn't share a weakness and covers their teammate's weak points. I want the Barbaracle team to have the same synergy as the Nidoking team. Yeah I'm very picky about team building :3.
The closest I ever got with a water/rock type was using a Gliscor to cover the electric, ground, and fighting weakness. However, a new problem occurred. I couldn't find a Pokemon to cover Gliscor's water weakness and the grass weakness of Barbaracle.
I want to build a team with a water/rock type but no matter what partners I choose I can't cover all the weaknesses. I've thought about this soooooo much it frustrates me. My questions are these; Is it even possible to build a team with a water/rock type while covering its weaknesses and not sharing a weakness with its partners? What partners would work? How many possible teams are there? If anyone can help me I would really, really, appreciate it. Remember, the team members must not share a weakness with one another and the teammates must cover each other's weaknesses. Sorry for being super picky but this is just how I put my teams together. I'm hoping other players with a different battle style than mine can help me find the answers I need. Thank you for leaving a comment and feedback to help me with my dilemma =)

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As for the question, I just wanted you to know that competitive battling is not as simple as covering everyone's weaknesses. If you try too hard to cover weaknesses, then opponents might defeat you using neutrally effective but strong attacks. And if you try to wall those attacks, then opponents will exploit your type weaknesses...
@sumwun sorry about not spelling your name right. You got a good point. Your way of battling is smarter and effective. I just like having all my types covered when I battle. I guess I prefer my style because I switch a lot.
By the way, I once found that the type combinations that had no weaknesses and included both rock and water need to have at least 7 types. Unfortunately, you can't fit 7 types onto a team of 3 Pokemon.
However, I was ignoring abilities, so you might find a Pokemon that has all the right types and abilities if you look hard enough.
@sumwun Cool, that helps and confirms a lot. At the back of my mind I thought a Rock/Water team wouldn't work. I even tried using abilities like Levitate, Sap Sipper, Poison Heal, and other things to make the team work.
It might still work. As I said earlier, good teams don't need to cover all their weaknesses.

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Maybe not. I think the closest you'll get to finding a good counter for the team would be Ferrothorn/Kartana. Since they resist Water and quad resist Grass, they're a perfect option for resisting the weaknesses stated above. However, they do have a quad weakness to Fire and a weakness to Fighting. The Fighting can be covered with Gliscor, but both Ferrothorn/Kartana and Scizor have a quad Fire weakness, which is dangerous to have even if it's resisted by Mantine and Barbaracle. So, in short, I think the closest you'll get to what you want from the team is either Ferrothorn or Haxorus, who has a counter for Dragon and Fairy type attacks in the form of Scizor, but it shares an Ice weakness that can be countered, but it is annoying to counter. So, in short, it will work but it's imperfect.
Of course, I may have missed something as well, so search for yourself, I suppose.

@Skrelptile Thank you for answering =). I think your answer is the closest thing I'll get to what I want. After everyone's comments, I'm starting to think there is no possible team without some of the members sharing a weakness but that's ok. Hopefully, in the future, a new pokemon will come out with the right type to help this situation.