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  • way to heal itself
  • maneuverable to the point where it can run past the insignificant Pokemon
  • strong enough to save a mii
  • Easy way to make Pokemon Wobbly

I'm thinking somewhere along Healthy Ninjask with False Swipe and X-Scissor but I'm not sure if that's the best, or if it's even possible to get Ninjask.

Bonus points for answering the ninjask question :P


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Personally most grass types work well, though anything with the draining moves will be great. I had a Lilligant with Mega Drain and Swords Dance and she wrought havoc. She didn't have a trait, although the best ones in this case would be: Brawny, Feisty, Perky, Speedy, or Techie. Healthy is okay, but because of Mega Drain the others would give different benefits.

There's also a bunch of water types that can use Aqua Ring; the gift Vaporeon had Hydro Pump and Aqua Ring, so with that combo you can use Aqua Ring at the beginning of each level and it will gradually restore HP. My best example was a Goldeen that had Water Pulse and Aqua Ring.

I haven't seen a Ninjask in the game yet (but then again I'm a n00b and am only rank 17).

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There is a Ninjask. All pokemon can eventually be found
Synthesis also works the same as Aqua Ring.
I literally got a Ninjask 4 hours after answering this.
And doesn't Synthesis work like Wish? As in they need to take up your attacking time to heal.