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Like during a mission, when you save them or you're supposed to protect them, they just follow you into battle. Why would AI do that? I know the AI in Pokemon is stupid but stupid enough to commit suicide?


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Simple, they trust you to protect them and you're escorting them to the Balloon at the end of the course so they can escape the zone before more Pokemon arrive to kick their rears again.

It's not total suicide to follow you, it's certain death to stay behind.
That and there is a small chance they'll toss you a free gem after beating the boss, so you might want to drag them along with you anyways lol.

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They follow you around to give you power-ups. When you rescue a Mii it will say "[insert thank-you message]" and then "I'll support you with Potions/X Attacks/X Defences/ X Speeds." That is the purpose of those Miis: to assist you.

But why do they follow you everywhere? Why don't they just stand in a corner?
So that they stay in throwing distance. We can't all be Babe Ruth.
Well, then they just have a death wish.
the only way out is via your hot air balloon, so they follow you to support you on your way to getting them out of there.
So that it actually poses a challenge. The mii has a HP bar too, and you need to keep an eye on theirs as well as your own.

My guess anyway.
But they're so easy to protect, I haven't had any Miis "drop out" on me after saving them, and they're the prime source of my Diamonds lol...

if anything make them have lower health so that they need to be considered before bashing through a crowd with X-Scissor or something.