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I was playing black one night when I decided to see if I could samurott dig. When I went into the Tm/Hm section the Tm dig was gone! I already know I got it from route 4. But it's no where!! Would anybody know where it is???


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What Calafox said is the only possible way. You can't toss, give, or permanently use TMs anymore, so the only way this is possible is that you never saved your game, the saving went corrupt and loaded the last known save state, etc.

If you want to think outside the box: your game might be defective, but reinitialization code getting scrambled, moved, or deleted, is basically impossible.

Or maybe just worse memory than you first thought too.
Wow thats complicated, thanks
And be sure to touch the green icon (the re-order one) to make sure that you checked EVERYWHERE
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Maybe you didn't saved your last game