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I had received a download redeem code from game for the shiny charizard event until the 2nd July 2015, i've tried to enter the code in but its saying its not recognised. I've looked at the code and it looks like it has a Z in but they don't accept hyphens or the letters I, O and Z. I've tried to replace the letter Z with something different or that looks similar but nothing is working so far. I am in the UK so I should be able to get the code, its just stupid how the code is printed on the receipt to look like it has a Z in it when they don't allow that letter in the code. I know that everyone is given an individual code for the event so that it can't be used more than once. Is anyone else having this problem atm?

Have you tried S?
Thank you for the comments, the problem was that i was trying to type the code on the nintendo e shop reedem code when i should have done it in the game serial code. I did this and got the shiny charizard, he is a rash nature with good ivs in special attack and speed :).

P.S. its a boy :D haha

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Are you entering the code through the eshop? As codes with Z in will not be accepted through the eshop unlike what the GAME website says and from other sources too....my code also contains a Z for example.

SOLUTION: Try going onto your Pokemon game and entering through mystery gift instead on the start up screen - this will accept the Z in the code.

Other issues can include:
A bad internet connection (try again within a few hours)
You have a game which does not accept the Shiny Charizard code. Games which accept the code are X, Y , Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
You need to update both your 3DS system and your Pokemon game.

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As far as I know, there is no way we can find your problem without you telling us the code or giving us a picture, if you did, somebody could steal your Charizard. I have some ideas of why it's not working...

  • It was a prank

  • Your code was a misprint

  • Your code has already been used

  • Glitch

Other than that, I don't know what the problem would be.
Also, I don't think you need hyphens for the code.
Hope I helped!