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I've been curious and I wanted to know for future reference. ( I don't care if there is a recoil.)


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Explosion(250 bp user faints)
Self-destruct(200 bp user faints)
V-create(180 bp) Note this move has 95 Acc but this move is currently exclusive to Victini who's ability makes it 100 Acc
Eruption(150 bp lowers with HP)
Water spout(150 bp lowers with HP)
Doom-Desire(140 bp)
Last-resort(140 bp)
Brave-bird(120 bp recoil)
Close combat(120 bp stat drop)
Double edge(120 bp stat drop)
Flare-blitz(120 bp recoil)
Head-charge(120 bp recoil)
Outrage(120 bp 3 turns locked then confusion)
Petal-dance(120 bp 3 turns locked then confusion)
Shadow-force(120 bp)
Solar-beam(120 bp)
Super power(120 bp stat drop)
Thrash(120 bp 3 turns locked then confusion)
Volt-tackle(120 bp recoil)
Wood-hammer(120 bp recoil)
Wring-out(120 bp lowers with opponents HP)

Note: Recoil can be eliminated with the ability Rock-head.

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Double-edge has recoil,not stat drop.
this question was answered a long time ago, before boomburst was an attack and please avoid necroposting, thanks
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Eruption (Fire)
Water Spout (Water)
both are power 150 (but decreasing with lower HP) and accuracy 100

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EXPLOSION of course