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i know that general same gen trading = more xp, and I know that migrating a Pokemon from a gba game gives more xp.
i am asking if migrating a different country gba game (lets say american) to an american ds gen 4 game then an australian gen 4 game will give me the equivalent xp of an internationaly traded pokémon from another country.
simply curious because I got an american gba game and australian ds game.
yours truly: loomhigh123555


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Only a different OT is required for increased Exp.points

So even if you have all American Pokemon games. For the sake of it assume FR-OR (FireRed-Omega Ruby). You have a different OT in both so after migrated to OR, the increased Exp.points effect will still take place.

Hope this helps!

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thanks but i ment the bonus bonus xp from pokemon from different countrys, like how just your australian soulsilver traded with australian pearl, you got x1.3 more xp, but pokemon from different countrys give you x1.7.
i heard it from bulbapedia and was curious if locally traded counts?
Well if the local trade game cartridges are from different countries, yes. :D