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I'm going to be training a Druddigon that will have Iron Head, Poison Tail, and Dragon Claw with the Rough Skin ability(Adamant Nature). Should Shadow Claw or Night Slash be the 4th move?


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I would choose Night Slash, but there is a better move for it

I don't mind if you use Night Slash, but Sucker Punch is so much better with priority and Druddigon's great base 120 Attack stat. Also, you should get rid of Poison Tail because of its low BP and replace it with Gunk Shot to actually kill fairies.

Hope I helped!

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Night Slash and Shadow Claw are 2 moves that have 70 Base Power, 100 Accuracy, and high critical hit ratio of 1/8. The only difference, the types.

Your moves (with super-effective):
1) Iron Head: Ice, Rock, and Fairy
2) Poison Tail: Grass (and Fairy)
3) Dragon Claw:

These moves only cover 5/18 of the types. Now look at Ghost and Dark:
Ghost) Psychic and Ghost, with dark weakness, and normal immunity
Dark) Psychic and Ghost, with fighting, dark, and fairy weakness

Both provide the same type coverage. Normally, I would choose Night Slash, but in this case, I would lean slightly more to Shadow Claw. The reason is because it has more neutral effective to cover those other types. Now you're super-effective against 7/18 types.

But, I should highly recommend you getting a fighting move like revenge/superpower. The reason being is that your other 3 moves are weak against steel, where fighting isn't. Also, ghost is immune to normal, but fighting is super effective against it. If you take this suggestion, I think you should take out poison tail, since it's not serving much purpose. Now, you're super-effective against 9/18 types. So, if you want, go for shadow claw.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)