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Hi guys. I'm willing to(and most likely am) erase my Pokemon X file. However, I want to make sure my Friend Safari includes a ditto.

Know of any exploits? Is there a point where your friend can check (going through the whole process of adding someone,etc.) and if there's not, I soft reset and try again.

I hear Friend Safari's are RNG.

Would I have to do this from the beginning of the game or what?



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Friend Safaris are determined based off of your FC. So unless you're willing to format your 3ds so many times until you get a Ditto safari, I highly suggest you don't make something as RNG dependant as this a goal.

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I see.

I wouldn't think it's worth it since the chances are so small that you'd get a ditto in one of the safaris.
(1/18) * (1/10) = 1/180
about (1/10, at most 1/12 for the number of Pokemon in each safari group)

Really small chances
I think I'm better off trying to get a Fcode from a ditton guy on friend safari .com

Thanks for your input