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I have a Snorlax that breaded with a ditto I got traded from my friend and it worked and I got lots of eggs but now I want to IV breed so I got a friend with a ditto friend safari and caught a ditto and tried to breed it with an eevee and the same Snorlax but it said "They don't seem to get along" so then I tried to breed him with the other ditto with the the Snorlax and eevee and it worked so...
How do I get a friend safari ditto to be breed able?


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If the message "They don't seem to get along" appears when you breed a Pokemon with your Ditto, it just means there's a lower chance of you getting an egg from those two every 256 steps.

In short, keep trying and you'll get an egg! Good luck!

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When they say "they dont seem to get along" they can get an egg. but back to the main topic.....

there is a average chance of a ditto in safari.


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