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I am at the point when I'm gonna soft-rest for a rash Yveltal. The thing is I'm not sure if I can knock out yveltal and then save before encountering it againg, thereby skipping the cutscene. If I save after knocking it out once will its nature and IV's already be locked or can you soft-reset from there so you don't have to watch the cutscene everytime?

PS. I watched http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163791/xerneas-yveltal-nature-soft-resetting but it didn't provide a good answer therefor I'm asking again.

This has been asked before, referring to Deoxys from ORAS, but the general concensus was that the Nature and IVs are NOT locked, and the second appearance wil still be random.
So is this confirmed for Yveltal/Xerneas aswell then?
Yeah, pretty much.

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The IVs and Nature of your Yveltal will be different every reset.

Source: Previous questions about Gen VI Legendaries.

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