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If this is like HeartGold and SoulSilver, we may be able to catch both. How do we know for sure that they're only in one version?

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We don't even know whether or not the Pokemon that isn't exclusive in one game will not be available in that game yet; the games aren't released. However, Game Freak have revealed that Xerneas is the version mascot for X and Yveltal is for Y; this usually means that that Pokemon is part of the storyline for that version and the other is not, not that the Pokemon is exclusive it its game and that it must be traded if a person who owns the other version wanted it.

So yeah, nobody has actually confirmed that the version mascots are exclusive to their version; we'll have to wait to find out if they are.

I was wondering because of the pokedex pages, they called them exclusives. Because in HeartGold you could catch Lugia, and Ho-Oh in SoulSilver.
The likely reason for this is that those games were remakes. The original games that introduce a new generation like Diamond and Pearl had Dialga and Palkia exclusive to them respectively.

So if this fact stays the same, they will be exclusives, but we still don't know. Game Freak have changed a lot with X and Y, and I wouldn't be surprised if this changes too.
Okay, it's been I while since I played Gold thnx
No problem :D