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In competitive, is there any good strategy with these abilities? The 50% boost to STAB moves sounds good, but going to 1/3 health seems risky to me.

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In competitive play, those abilities aren't helpful.

Starters (that have Torrent, Overgrow, or Blaze) generally get outclassed by starters with their hidden abilities. This is because the hidden abilities are so much better.

For example, Typhlosion has the Hidden Ability Flash Fire. This means that it can switch into a Fire-type attack and deal massive damage (with a Fire-type move) when combined with Charcoal. On the other hand, Typhlosion with Blaze wouldn't be very helpful because, like what you said, the 1/3 health is hard to get and is risky. Opponents can just 2HKO or OHKO that Pokemon with coverage or STAB moves and the ability (in this case) Blaze would never activate.

Of course, there are some exceptions, like Torterra and Samurott. In this case, Overgrow / Torrent would be more helpful than Shell Armor.

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Yes that is true, but you can always equip a Focus Sash.
Starters usually aren't frail enough for a sash, and when they are it often isn't worth it. There are better items. The only decent sash users are infernape, who is better off with iron fist, and serperior, who is terrible competitively without contrary.