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Say my (example) Diancie used (example) Diamond Storm in a doubles or triples battle. It has a 50% chance of raising Defence. Would:

Diancie be at +3/+2 Defence?


Diancie be at +1 Defence?

This is assuming if I got the 50% chance each time. Or is it impossible to get that chance more than once per turn?


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EDIT: it turns out I was wrong.

According to Smogon, Diancie's Diamond Storm has a 50% chance of raising your Defense for...every opponent you hit. I honestly didn't know that, but it looks like I learned something new today.

Source: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/diancie.3522679/

Hope I helped

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Okay,  i just tried spamming diamond storm in battles a few times. Once, it said something like this:
*animation of stat boost*
Diancie's Defence went up!
Diancie's Defence went up!
Diancie's Defence went up!

So basically, even if it says that, its still a +1 boost?

Also, do you have a source? Its okay if you dont but i would prefer one, thanks.
When did this happen? Showdown or in an actual game? I use Diancie a lot in doubles and triples and I never got that message...
I double checked in Smogon, and it looks like it does increase your stat boost more than once. My apologies for being wrong.
Ingame, and its okay, thanks!