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Say I have a sharpedo, corphish, and gloom, gloom to sweet scent machop hordes and sharpedo to kill all 5 at once with surf.
Corphish being the one I want to train in attack.
If Sharpedo holds a macho brace and Corphish holds a power bracer, will he get 20 attack EVs every battle? 10 from the power bracer and the macho brace doubling that to 20.


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Corphish would only get the effects of the Power Bracer, and Sharpedo would only get the effects of the Macho Brace. Since Machop gives 1 Attack EV:

Sharpedo: 1 5 2 = 10 Atk EVs
Corphish: (1 + 4) * 5 = 25 Atk EVs

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