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Pokémon are limited to 510 effort points in total.

Unless the horde somehow gave you an additional 260 EVs, you won't hit the maximum. If you were already at the maximum when you knocked out a horde, then your Pokemon will simply not gain or lose any EVs.

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I know that pokemon are limited to 508 effort points in total
They can have 510. It takes 4 EVs to raise a stat by 1 point, so the two extra EVs are wasted and it's effectively the same as having 508 EVs.
No I mean if I defeat the Horde and gain 50 EVs again from pokérus and power item, does it become 300 EVs in total? If so, I can't lose out on the EVs for other stats. Those 50 EVs will be lopped of speed right?
The maximum for a stat is 252, so if all the Pokemon and your power items give EVs for one stat, then you'll simply stop gaining EVs in that one stat when you hit 252.
So it won't compromise on EVs for other stats (EV training later) right?
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