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I accidentally traded my soothe bell with a Pokemon I was trading. Right now I'm trying to evolve an eevee into espeon. Will it be impossible? My eevee is at level 32, I got it at level 19. It's affection is maxed out but I have read that this does not affect it's friendship. The npc you can talk to that indicates friendship level said we're connected and whatnot, which indicates that my friendship is somewhere between 120-25something or other. What's going on? Will it never evolve without the soothe bell? Am I screwed?


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Not having the Soothe Bell means that you will gain happiness much slower than you would with it. But evolving your Eevee without the Soothe Bell is indeed possible. As the Happiness checker indicated, you aren't at max happiness yet, so your Eevee is not going to evolve at any time soon. You aren't screwed per say, but you done screwed yourself up by trading away your Soothe Bell. You'll need to dedicate more time into evolving Eevee to get that Espeon.

lol right after I posted this I kept battling and it finally evolved into espeon! Even though it'll take extra work, it'll be alright. Thanks dude!
Haha, that's not bad! And no problem!