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I don't get it, it doesn't happen with any of my other Pokémon?

Edit: It's happening for snorlax as well.

Only thing I can think of is either you got them without knowing and traded them away, or if you used Powersaves, random Pokedex entries turn shiny (like mine when I used the complete pokedex  cheat)
Ive owned these Pokémon before, but i dont know why theyre showing up as shinies. And i dont know how to use powersaves nor do i own any cheating devices
Well it shouldn't happen unless  you've seen them shiny ingame. Or if online battles count for anything, which I doubt they do
If they only show as shinies if youve only received them as shinies, i guess that makes sense. Ive noticed a few of my Pokémon become shiny formed when i press the d-pad buttons when i check their entries.
But if anyone answers with a reliable source thatd be great.

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Your pokedex only registers the very first Pokemon you receive, of that species. So, if the very first groudon you got was a shiny, then it will register as a shiny. Starters aren't registered shiny because they're not shiny when you receive them. Happens to everyone - even me.

Hope I helped! :)

Source: Experience

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Ok that makes sense. Have you got a source? If not thats okay, just wondering
I didn't have a source, but my groudon is shiny in my pokedex too. If you examine it, every primary pokemon you get, is what's going to be registered - tested out myself. I have plenty of shiny legends in my pokedex, because I've received them like that first
Okay thx
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Just wanted to clear some things so noone is confused. It is possible to see the shiny form of a Pokemon you caught after you got the first of this Pokemon(non-shiny). All you have to do is go in your Pokedex(I´m talking ORAS here, because I don´t know if it works in XY as well) press A for details then go to Form/Cry?(Don´t really now how it is called correctly in English but it´s the first option above Language) then you can cycle through all the different forms of this Pokemon you already caught. When you "select" one of the forms and close the Pokedex and come back later you will see that the form you "selected" is now the default one. There is not really a select-button or something like that just choose the one you want(by pressing left or right till you get to the form you want) and then press B or close the Pokedex. Hopefully I am not to chaotic here and everyone understands what I´m saying.