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i wanted to challenge the vermilion gym but however there is a tree which has to be cut down to get to the gym but do not have cut . I tried going through diglett's cave but again I could not pass as there were some trees which again had to be cut down. I have reached a complete standstill . Please help.

you can look up the location of hm01 cut on bulbapedia.

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In order to get to Vermillion Gym, you need to get HM 1 Cut. To get it, you need to go to Bill's lab in Route 25 in order to get a pass to board the SS Anne, which is also in Vermillion. Once you have that pass, you then board the ship in which you have to go and talk to the Captain inside the ship. However, I should note that there are trainers inside the boat and even a rival battle once in there, so you should go prepared and ready to fight. Once you get the HM from the Captain you can now cut the tree down and fight the Gym Leader.
![enter image description here][1]
![enter image description here][2]

Hope this helped!
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