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Alright, follow these steps and try and correct me if I'm wrong:

  • I breed a Adamant Druddigon, with the personality "Likes to run".
  • I Super Train it, giving it Max Attack and Speed, dumping the rest in Defense.
  • I level it up to 100.
  • Druddigon has Max Speed and Max Attack at level 100, correct?
    ^^^ Is it possible for him/any Pokemon to have 252 in two stats and have both stats maxed out? How does this work and how do I do it?
    Thanks in advance.

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Okay, I'll tell you this. The secondary Nature only tells you it's highest IV. It wouldn't be max unless it has 31 IVS in that stat.

How do you check IVs? Go to the IV checker. In X and Y, he's in the town with the Friend Safaris and in the Pokemon Center. In ORAS, he is in the Battle Resort Pokemon Center. They are both Ace Trainers, so they're easy to spot.

The guide for what IVS your Pokemon have are right here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Stats_judge

As for EV training, yes, the max EVS a Pokemon can take in is 252 per stat, and 510 total. There's actually an easier method for EV training,which is horde battling. Here's a guide on that:

ORAS : http://nuggetbridge.com/articles/ev-training-horde-hotspots-pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire/

X and Y: http://nuggetbridge.com/articles/ev-training-hotspots-x-y/

One last thing:in order for a stat to reach full maximum, the nature matters. If your Druddigon needs max speed, go for Jolly. If you want Attack, keep the Adamant one. The difference in stats with a nature is 10%, so it does matter in competitive play.

Hope I helped! (Though I'm sure you knew half of it lol)

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Okay so basically:
I want a Max Attack Druddigon
I make it Adamant
252 EVs invested in Attack

Does the personality affect anything?
It won't be max if the stats' IVS aren't at 31. The personality only shows you the highest IV on your Pokemon. When you're breeding for multiple IV Pokemon, the personality doesn't matter very much because when more than one IV is the highest at 31, it'll choose one saying at random for the personality. So it could say "Likes to Run", but it could have the same IVS in Speed (which the personality tells us) and any other stat,such as HP.

So no, the personality doesn't matter. You want max speed and attack on your Druddigon? Try looking for a 6IV Ditto. Give it the Destiny knot, and it'll have a higher chance to pass it's good IVS to the baby Druddigon when bred. When your Druddigon has better IVS than the one you originally had, put that one in with the Ditto (give them an everstone so they'll always be Adamant). Keep doing that until the IV rater tells you all the stats you want "can't be beat", which is the best (31).
Seems more complicated than what I've been doing, but thank you! :D
It is pretty complicated. But once you start doing it, it doesnt really seem too hard. I breed for high IV shiny Pokemon all the time, so I know what I'm doing. All you really need to look for is the "can't be beat" saying from the IV checker after he mentions the stats you want.

6IV Dittos are pretty easy to find, given the people who have them. Ask around in the chat or whatever. I'd help you,but I only have one which I use for myself.

Additionally, you could make the Ditto Japanese, which triggers the Masuda Method. It dramatically increases your chance for a shiny :)
Well you are on a roll today with helpful information, thanks again friend! :D
Lol a year ago,all of these numbers and whatever blew over my head. Trust me, it was a lot more difficult in other generations outside 6th, since the Destiny Knot didn't have the effect it does now (passing down IVs).

Omg looking at my replies I seem like the biggest nerd I swear