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I can't choose between hone claws and sandstorm....

Reg Garchomp/Mega-Garchomp
Ability: Reg Garchomp -- Sand Veil and Mega-Garchomp -- Sand Force
1. Dragon Rush (for STAB)
2. Earthquake (for STAB)
3. Stone Edge (coverage against Ice)
4a. Hone Claws (Attack boost and makes Dragon Rush + Stone Edge even more OP with 100% accuracy)
4b. Sandstorm (More power for Earthquake + Stone Edge and gives reg Garchomp 25% more evasion)

Which would benefit the Garchomp more in the game (Pokemon XY) and in competitive play?

In-game: Sandstorm
Competitive: Neither ;o
If you really, really want Garchomp to be a set up pokemon, then Swords Dance + Lum is the best way to go.
Thanks.....but what is Lum?
Lum Berry
Oh okay, thanks.
Can more people answer? I would really appreciate it if I could have multiple opinions.

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Sandstorm is useful because it not only boosts Garchomp's evasion, it also helps to wear down your opponent's Pokémon.

Hone claws is useful because it raises attack and accuracy.

I'd give Garchomp sandstorm, then use a baton passer like Smeargle to pass on swords dance boosts rather than hone claws. It does sacrifice the boosted accuracy, but the 2x attack makes up for it. Garchomp will be able to evade more attacks while dishing out powerful attacks of its own.


Sandstorm makes the most sense. Battles will be over quickly with both sandstorm and earthquake/dragon rush battering your opponents.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks, but I don't have any baton passers on my team and I don't plan on having them, so would it still be better to use Sandstorm then?
I'd say so. Although if you want more power, go for swords dance.