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As the title says, why can't Ambipom learn those two moves in the same category in Pokemon Showdown?

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Could you not breed a tail slap aipom in SM, use Pokemon now bank and send it to XY, teach it home claws, and then brig it back?
You can't transfer a Pokemon that's been in a Gen 7 game into a game of a previous generation, if my knowledge is correct.
But could you not use Pokemon Bank as opposed to trading? It's worked for me! Getting Power Up Punch on mega Kangaskhan for instance.
That's what I meant by transfer. I'm pretty sure that you can't transfer a Pokemon that's been in Gen 7 into Gen 6.

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That's because Hone Claws was a TM move in Generation 5&6, and Ambipom could only learn Tail Slap via breeding in Generation 7. Since Hone Claws was replaced by Work Up as TM01, they are incompatible.

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Oh! I didn't know it was replaced!
I'm still salty they replaced Hone Claws instead of stupid Confide For Work Up...