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For my Pokemon Pearl I want a normal type Pokemon but I'm not sure who to choose. I know Buneary is easier to find but I'm not sure if trying to evolve her is worth it.

I would choose ambipom,since it can learn fighting types
Yeah, after looking at both of them, Ambipom seems to be the better pokemon.
For anyone who wants it: Ambipom: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/ambipom Lopunny: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/lopunny
Hmm So Ambipom is worth the hunt to find an Aipom?

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I have used both of these Pokemon for several different roles before. I will give you an overview of both.


Pros: Good Attack, high Speed, great Ability, wide movepool, and quite diverse.
Cons: Low defenses so he can be OHKOed by any strong Neutral attack.

Good Ambipom sets


Pros: Good Special defense, High speed, and a nice movepool
Cons: While it has ok defenses a strong fighting move will OHKO it, and it has low defenses so it needs to use Work-up in order to be offensive.

Good Lopunny sets

I would choose Ambipom, he is faster and has good offenses and plenty of uses.