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Which Pokémon is better for this set: Weavile or Ambipom? Lots of people have been using Ambipom, but I think Weavile would be better.

Item: King's Rock
- Fake Out
- Fling
- U-turn
- (some other fourth move)


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Considering that Weavile doesn't learn U-turn, Ambipom is the better option, but even if it did, Ambipom would still be the superior choice.

Ambipom's technician ability allows it to hit stronger with fake out, and while it does not get STAB on fling like Weavile, it can take advantage of not having an item by running acrobatics to cover fighting types. Speaking of which, Ambipom's one weakness to Weavile's six and similar bulk make's Ambipom the superior option. Additionally, Ambipom can take adavantage of King Rock's flinch chance with STAB Double Hit, and has a far more expansive movepool than Weavile, which is essentially limited to Dark, Ice, Fighting and Poison moves in terms of useful coverage.

Although this strategy is very gimmicky, Ambipom would do it better, and Weavile is better of with using Knock off and pursuit for mind games and Ice Shard for revenge killing

Hope this helps

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This particular set would only work on Ambipom because Weavile can't learn U-turn. Still, its not that bad for a set that I'm sure isn't competitive, but if it is there are better choices. Fake Out is great with STAB so that isn't really needed for Kings Rock. I only assume that KC is used for fling...? Really, Kings Rock isn't that good of an item and Fling isn't a great move either. I would get rid of it for an item like Life Orb because it helps Ambipom hit all the more harder. For fillers, just go with Brick Break as its the strongest Fighting move it gets and Knock Off as it can pretty much shut down any Pokemon.