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I am using it in Showdown and it is SO good. It sweeps teams considerably easily. My general question about this thing is the same as those for Floatzel and Machamp, which is: why on earth isn't it UU?

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...and for that, you're willing to instantly lose to Scizor, Breloom, Amoongus, Aggron, Infernape, Cobalion, Klefki, Empoleon, Chandelure, Sharpedo, Suicune, Starmie, Pidgeot, Magneton, Terrakion, Kommo-O, Gengar, Nihilego...
sumwun speaks the truth.
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OK everyone, I'll admit it isn't that good. That list of Pokémon would wreck it.

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The only reason Ambipom was ever in UU in the first place is because of a meme. Unfortunately, the truth is that Ambipom is very underwhelming and doesn't belong in UU with powerful Pokémon like Hydreigon that will easily defeat it. Ambipom is bad and cannot sweep because:

  • Ambipom's offensive stats are underwhelming. With a physical attack of only 100, this thing won't hit very hard, even with Technician and Silk Scarf.
  • Ambipom's moveset doesn't fit the requirements for a good physical sweeper. It has practically no coverage. It has some decent utility moves like Knock Off and it has U-Turn, but there are more powerful Pokémon that can do just that.
  • Ambipom is also terribly frail. It has only 75 HP and 66 in each of its defenses. Ambipom is basically glass but no cannon.
  • Ambipom is outclassed by many other normal types. Mega Kangaskhan and Porygon-Z, for example, are both really good pure normal types you might want to try instead. You could even argue that Ambipom is outclassed by Braviary, who is also in NU.

The only thing really good about Ambipom is Technician and a decent speed stat.

A good and helpful answer, but:
100 attack is actually quite good, just is outclassed by certain others
115 speed is very good, not "decent"
Thanks for your concern, but I don't think 115 speed is anything to brag about. Sure, it is above average compared to some other Pokémon, but powerful Choice Scarf users such as Hydreigon outspeed and wreck it. So I thought that "decent" was a good way to put it. There are also just plain faster Pokemon. 100 attack isn't the worst, but you'll need lots more if you want to be any sort of threat.
How can something be simultaneously ‘quite good’ and ‘outclassed by others’? If Ambipom is outclassed, then it isn’t good. That’s simply how meta works.
You cannot use MegaKhan  and Porygon Z on NU
He is talking about why it shouldn't be in UU Rahat. That includes discussing UU mons that will wreck it :P
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Because Ambipom is a weak Pokemon.
It's stats isn't so good. It has no resistances. It's movepool is very bad. Fake Out+Technician is a bit good, but Meowth, Mr. Mime is the best for doing this job. It is outclassed by other normal type such as Tauros, Zangoose etc. It can be esily wear down by status moves and priority moves. It has no bulky. It's useful moves are just Knock off, Fake Out, Last Resort, Low Kick and Return. It can't defeat a Pokemon so easily, most times it struggles to faint a Pokemon.
Tier system are also based on usage rate.

hasn't this been asked before?
yes it same as the RU  one for ambipom
It is Outdated, lord bidoof
that makes sense but its mostly the same
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To be frank, Ambipom is not a great Pokemon: Technician STAB Fake Out just isn't a good enough niche. Ambipom faces stiff competition from a lot of other Normal-types, including Cinccino, Tauros, and Zangoose, (and Linoone, Stoutland, and Bewear if you're talking about UU) which boast more effective coverage and/or greater power. While Ambipom is fast, it has poor bulk and no resistances, so it must rely heavily on dealing damage while taking none in return. However, this is not easy, as Ambipom usually struggles to KO foes due to its mediocre power and its reliance on neutral coverage over super effective damage. While it can do some damage to offensive teams, it can hardly contribute against bulkier teams, while its Normal-type brethren can at least threaten both team archetypes. Ambipom is very outclassed, and other options should always be considered first.


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Thanks for the answers everyone! They really put Ambipom in perspective XD