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It has access to such a huge range of special attacks with 60 base power. It could abuse technician so much better as a special attacker. The only physical move I can see that it can learn with a base power of 60 is Aerial Ace

Also it can learn stab fake out, thief, acrobatics, payback, power-up punch, and revenge

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Honestly, I wouldn't suggest it. It has a 60 base special attack stat. Also the only move it can get that's special through leveling up is Swift ,therefore you would have to rely on TMs you may or may not have.

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It can do, but...

A medicore base 60 in its SpA will drag it down- but its gets access to.... Nasty Plot.
Its also got a rather surprising Special Movepool, getting Swift,Thunder,Thunderbolt,Water Pulse, Shadow Ball and Grass Knot as well as the HPs. But even so, Ambipom does a lot better physcially. A Nasty Plot Baton Pass has potential, but other than that it isn't really viable.

I wouldn't recommend a Special Ambipom as it makes much more better use of its Physcial Moveset.

If you really wanted a Special Ambipom here's a Gimmicky Set :

enter image description here
[email protected] Orb
252 SpA/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp

-Nasty Plot
-Swift/ Shadow Ball
-HP Ground/Fighting/Flying
-Thunderbolt/Water Pulse/Grass Knot

You could replace HP with BP if you wanted a Nasty Plot Baton Pass set