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in Pokemon black and white 2 you can get an ambipom from trade but its abbilitie is pickup so is there a way of getting an ambipom with technician? or will I have to trade from platinum or something?
please tell me i'm guessing the answer is trade?


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It isn't that hard to get a Technician Ambipom. The only thing you need to do is get a Aipom with the ability Run Away, not Pick-up. When you evolve it, it will evolve into an Ambipom with Technician. If done otherwise, you will have an Ambipom with Pick-Up :)

but you cant catch ampom or ambipom in pokemon black 2 only trade!
Just breed the Pick Up Aipom you got; when a Pokemon has 2 possible abilities, there's a 50/50 chance it'll have one or the other. If you hatch an Aipom with Run Away, it'll gain Technician when evolving into an Ambipom.
The lady above me says the truth.
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