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Why did my newly hatched Aipom have 3 same moves (Acrobatics, Dig & Thunder Wave) from my Ambipom?! Is this normal? My Aipom has these 3 moves and Tail Whip... But my Ambipom has these 3 moves... but no Tail Whip... Cuz he has Double Hit... But is this normal?! And can my Aipom still get Pickup by evolving if she have now Run Away?

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Okay, if I'm understanding the question you are asking:
"Is it normal for Aipom to know Ampibom's moves?"

If so, the answer's yes! Don't worry.

Inheriting TMs and HMs in breeding is perfectly normal. You can read about it here and scroll down to 'TM and HM moves'. Tail Whip is simply a move that it learns normally when it is newly hatched. :)

As for your second question, unfortunately not. Instead, it will get the Technician ability.

Hope I helped. :)
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Ty! =3 This was helpful... =D